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Car Batteries
We mainly stock Numax batteries made by Varta which are some of the best quality batteries on the market at the most competitive price.  

So why won't your car start?
Most of the time it is just because it's an old battery and it's had it.  

So why has it gone flat?
There can be many reasons for a battery to be go flat and it still be possible to re-charge it and carry on, for example:   · an interior light being left on · a problem with the alarm · an electrical fault etc.  
Car Batteries Rugby
To avoid permanent damage, the reason for it going flat needs to be caught as soon as possible. Alternators can also fail which would mean the battery is not being charged sufficiently. 

If you find your car is getting more difficult to start, don't wait for a cold winter morning when you're in a hurry to find out! Call in now and get that battery checked out now! 


Book Your MOT online
Book Your MOT online
Book Your MOT online
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