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Tyre Pressures
The correct pressure is important both for safety and for a long tyre life. They must be checked when the tyre is cold (By cold we mean the ambient outside temperature where the tyre is to be used). Tyre pressures must be checked regularly, about once every two weeks.

A drop in pressure can be caused by:
Tyre Pressures

The natural leakage of air through the walls of a tyre, drops in ambient temperature, Small perforations that, in a tubeless tyre, may not lead to immediate deflation but rather deflation over time, (a slow leak!). This in turn can lead to irreversible damage due to the tyre running in an under inflated condition.

Why check your tyre pressures? You will...

    1  Maximise tyre life

    2  Minimise tyre related fuel consumption

    3  Minimise greenhouse gas emissions

    4  Save money! 

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