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There is more to tyres than you might imagine. They are not just black and round as many people may think but are a complex piece of technology that ensures your safety and comfort. We believe that it is possible to become addicted to tyres and like to think that all our regular customers have grown to love our tyre addictions and are now wiser to the differences in brands, sizes, compounds, patterns, prices etc. 

Bridgestone Tyres Bridgestone is now a household name when it comes to getting people from A to B. And rightly so. The company makes tyres for nearly everything that moves on wheels.... More info about Bridgestone Tyres
Firststone tyres If you need new tyres for your car, light truck or SUV you are in the right place. Firestone can help you to get the most out of your vehicle.....More info about Firestone Tyres
Michelin Tyres In the UK, the Michelin Tyre Company Ltd was incorporated on 11 May 1905 and is now, more than one hundred years later involved in many activities not just tyre making, from tyre industry training to economic development.......More info about Michelin tyres
Continetal Tyres "Our mission is to establish the Continental Tyre Group as the most professional supplier of quality tyres and customer service, respected for consistent, stable business relationships....More info about Continental Tyres
Dunlop Tyres Dunlop engineers are constantly searching for new technologies to make our tyres the best performing tyres in all weather conditions. We want to make sure you Feel The Road at all times.....More info about Dunlop tyres
Goodyear Tyres Goodyear Research scientists and engineers today come from all over the world and continue working at the cutting edge of rubber and polymer science......More info about Goodyear tyres
Hankook Tyres Hankook Tire (CEO: Seung Hwa Suh) is one of the world's largest and fastest growing tire manufacturer for radial tires for passenger cars, light trucks (SUVs, RVs, and etc.), trucks, and buses.......More info about Hankook tyres
Pirelli Tyres For over a century the history of Pirelli has been the history of the car. A history built on high performance tyres, in which Pirelli is the world leader in both original equipment and the aftermarket: with 24 factories in 12 countries around the world.......More info about Pirelli tyres
BF Goodrich Tyres Since it was formed, the BFGoodrich brand has distinguished itself by its pioneering spirit, and by its desire to extend the limits of performance. Many important advances in tyre development came about because of this mindset. .......More info about BF Goodrich tyres
Falken Tyres Falken Tyres are best known for their Ultra High Performance Radials, design and affordability. The tyres are made with the latest Japanese technology at a price you can afford. Whether you have a mini, 4x4 or the latest sports car, Falken have the tyre you need. .......More info about Vredestein Tyres
Vredestein Tyres Apollo Vredestein B.V.: A special company with a unique combination of market-orientation, creativity and flexibility. We don’t sell tyres, we sell Vredestein. Vredestein's strategy is crystal clear: to produce tyres with an optimal price-quality ratio........More info about Vredestein Tyres
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The answer is maybe. It depends on the scale and extent of the damage. Don't assume because the tyre is damaged, that it is scrap as this is not always the case. Call us to find out more. 01788 542292

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